Welcome to Leiden Madtrics!

Welcome to Leiden Madtrics!

Madtrics is a portmanteau, a blend of words between mad and metrics. We hope that Leiden Madtrics serves as a way to inspire and educate about topics such as the (mis)use of research metrics, indicators, and rankings in academia. Here are 5 reasons why you should frequent our blog!

1. Find out about meta-science

Have you ever wondered how science is organized and measured? If scientists are studying their own topics, then who are studying the scientists and the knowledge that they produced? We at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) are one of the few research centers in the world who study this. We conduct research on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to scientific governance, research evaluation, research management and research careers across a diverse set of stakeholders.

2. Expand your knowledge on a variety of topics!

Leiden Madtrics not only will cover a broad range of topics, but will do so in varied and accessible ways. Feel free to dive into all of the categories below to see for yourself:

  • Science and society: Response to a current event that affects the (scientific) world and vice versa (e.g. Burning of the Amazon forest, Brexit, misconduct)
  • How-to: A how-to guide on doing science, tutorials on tools or services, tips and tricks (e.g. how to use VOSviewer, how to write a literature review, how to create a conference poster)
  • CWTS development: what it’s like to work at CWTS, what do we do, why do we do it, work/research-in-progress, projects
  • Opinion and commentary: response to…
  • Summary and review: books, journal articles, conferences, seminars, retreats, summer schools that contribute to scientific discussions
  • For dummies: Scientometrics 101, history of scientometrics…
  • Long read: any post above 1,000 words

3. Be the first to know what’s happening and have a say

Leiden Madtrics gives you a timely insight into our work. This blog is a space where CWTS researchers discuss ideas far before they get published. We invite you to provide your comments and criticisms on our work, so these issues and potential blind spots of our work can be brought into light. Through such interactions, we hope that it is not only you who will be inspired or impacted by our work, but we in turn, will be inspired by your views and comments as well.

4. Kill some time while you are working, maybe you will find your friends!

Intellectual companionship is essential to your wellbeing in academia. We at CWTS are committed to making user friendly and useful tools to explore, classify, and visualize the research landscape. If you ever wonder how we perform bibliometric mapping and network analyses, and how you can do it for yourself, please save our blog to your bookmarks bar now. We hope that you can discuss our work and findings with your colleagues!

5. Connect and network with us!

When you come across a blog post that intrigued you, please feel free to reach out to our authors. The editorial team provides a photo and description of our authors because we are proud of them, so you can know the face behind the post! Our bloggers attend and participate in a plethora of events, conferences, workshops and seminars. If you bump into any one of us, please feel free to strike up a conversation simply by mentioning Leiden Madtrics!

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